mercredi 31 janvier 2018

lOndOn cAllinG #2

tHe HiddeN pArt oF tHe CitY
mY LittLe SecRet !
cOLumbiA rOad fLOweR mARkeT aNd aROund
gReEn/bLUe riNgS' fRienDs
mY siSteR LilY
eGgs aNd sPinacH
neLLy dUff's tResUreS, cOluMbia rOad
pOLpitO, sOhO
nAtiOnAl gAlleRy
tHe MonumeNt
311 stAiRs
hArrOds' areA
hArrOds - fOod hAll
18 fOLgAte stReeT